Monthly Archives: February 2013

Newforma Max Path Utility

Apparently my conversations with Jeremy Williams at Newforma inspired them to create their own utility to fix files that exceed the path limitation.  When I saw this a week ago I had to look at it.  My initial reaction was – those theifs.  They didn’t even give me credit for the idea!  I did try selling my repair tool to them – at least a discount on our renewal would have been nice.  At the time I was talking with Jeremy they didn’t have a tool that fixes file name path violations.

My NPC Path Length Repair Tool is obsolete anyway since Newforma moved from the XML file database to MySQL with version 7 of Project Center.  I published my repair tool in November 2009, they shipped in May 2010.


The reality is Newforma was probably already working on this and neither Jeremy or myself had any input at all.

I can say that my tool did a slightly better job with email.  The Newforma tool truncates the file name without regard to RFI tags that are appended to the end.  It also has a problem when the truncation results in multiple files with the same name.  It should be smart enough to make them unique.  My tool only fixed email, I never got around to fixing random files in the project.