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Do You Have A Big Fat Pipe?

Apparently I do.  Take a look at the graph of my bandwidth utilization for July 2nd 2013.

Bandwidth Report Graph For July 2nd 2013

The graph is a 24 hour window so the big spike is maybe an hour or two.  It says I moved 51 exabytes of data on one day, in just a couple of hours.

An exabyte is 1 billion GB.  How big of a pipe do you have to have to move that kind of data in that short time span?

51,539,603,889.427 GB

For the month of June I move 2,024.570 GB of data.  That was an entire month where I had 100Mbps for 13 days and the rest was cut down to 10Mbps.

Bandwidth Report Graph June 2013

This data is what I get billed for and anything over my 10Mbps limit is considered an overage and the provider charges for it.  Can’t wait to see the bill for moving 51 EB.

If my math is right, 51EB is 51,539,603,889,427,000,000 bytes or 4.12 x 10 ^ 20 bits.  Which if I moved that much data in 2 hours means I need a pipe that runs 57.3 Pbps.  That is Petabits per second.  Wouldn’t that be nice?