About Fawlty.us

Why Fawlty.us?

I love Fawlty Towers – Basil is my hero! but that’s not the real reason.

Back in the early 90’s I ran a BBS named Fawlty.  It was a bad idea but I had a lot of fun doing it.  I used the Wildcat BBS software from Mustang Software running under OS/2 Warp.  It had 2 phone lines – one was for public dial in and the other was the home line that I used a SLIP connection through Compuserve’s network to HoloNet.  I had news feeds, email, and few other early Internet protocols available for my users using the Fawlty.com domain name.

It’s demise came when I went on vacation for a week.  Before I left I set up a download of the alt.games newsfeed.  I accidentally grabbed alt.games.binaries (oops) the thing sat there downloading until the computer ran out of disk space.  When I got back from vacation I had some cleanup to do, but still didn’t realize what happened.

Then I got the bill – er, should I say my wife got the bill.  Network charges for Compuserve AND HoloNet.  I was in big trouble.  I had to borrow money to pay the rent that month (and the next) and that was the end of the BBS.  The wife and I ate Top Ramen and Little Juan for a year while I paid off the bill.  (lesson learned – never pay for data by the byte – it Bites!)

Someone picked up my Fawlty.com DNS name so when I decided it was time to start my lab up again I picked the Fawlty.us domain name.

This is my space to play with technology and often it will be broken.  But if it isn’t broken then it must be… faulty!  – That is Fawtly.us!


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