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Mini Virtualization?

Apple MAC mini running VMWare ESXi 5.1


You bet – ESXi 5.1 running on an Apple Mac Mini.  Looking at Google this is nothing new.  I found a nice article on how to do it here.  My friend Eric wanted to try.  So he downloaded 5.1 and tossed it on.  It gave a nice “Pink Screen Of Death” which he did some stuff to get resolved.

Pink Screen Of Death

But when he tried to access the ESXi server from a Windows XP VM running on Fusion with the vSphere Client it wouldn’t let him in.  Internet Explorer 8 wouldn’t even show the web console.  But Chrome would…. that’s odd.
So I brought over my Windows 7 laptop and tried – no problems.  Digging around we found the answer.
It’s encryption…..

The preceding KB was from this blog.
Remember to find the correct <SSL> section.  It is not the one with your key, but the one that contains the do version check false.  Here is the example:


&lt;doVersionCheck&gt; false &lt;/doVersionCheck&gt;
<span style="color: #ff0000;">&lt;cipherList&gt;ALL&lt;/cipherList&gt;

Once the cipher list is set to all then the XP’s encryption works and vCenter client lets you log in and manage the ESXi mini.  We loaded the Minecraft VM that we play onto the box and hammered away at it.  Worked great with plenty of CPU and RAM to spare.

The Open SSL stack used in vSphere Client and the 5.x ESX hosts are not compatible with the Windows XP encryption libraries.  We opened the encryption up using the KB and it worked.

Eric now has a running ESXi mini.  He is going to try upgrading it to 5.5 and see if that works.  There is some hint that the management of 5.5 requires a vCenter server which he doesn’t have.