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Reflection On My Computer Science Degree

5 years ago almost to the day I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Metropolitan State College of Denver, now Metropolitan State University.  When I finished school I had plans to take everything I had done and write about it and reflect.  Then life happened and I got busy.

A few weeks ago I decided to get back to this and thought a WordPress blog would be the perfect tool to use.  Rather than just dump all my source code from every class in every language I am making an effort to sort through it all and post just the good stuff, like the encryption algorithms RSA & RC4.  For some of the class work I will make a single post covering what I remember.

I am back dating the posts to the time frame that I originally did the work.

I learned that I am stubborn enough to not give up and smart enough to find my way through.  MSCD is a State College and they let just about anyone in.  Getting out the other side though is a lot tougher than you might think.  I earned my degree.  I worked my butt off and learned an enormous amount.  Along the way I discovered that I actually like math and love physics.

As I go back through the enormous amount of paper and books and software that I collected and worked on I will update the links on this page.

CS1 Computer Science 1
CS2 Advanced Programming and Data Structures
CS3 Computer Science 3
Computer Organization and Assembly Language
Principals of Programming Languages
Introduction to the Theory of Computation
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Fundamentals of Relational Database Systems
Algorithms and Algorithm Analysis
Software Engineering Principals
Software Engineering Practices