Create a custom WinPE Boot Environment

The Dell Precision T3600 came with a Perc H310 raid controller and the driver is not included in the default KACE K2000 WinPE Boot Environment.  So I had to create a custom WinPE Boot Environment because KACE doesn’t have a tool for adding a driver into the default boot environment.

Add the machine to the Driver Feed

In the K2000 deployment center under the Library go to the Driver Feed tab and find the Precision T3600.  Click the the check box next to the Windows7 (x64) and choose the action to add to the driver feed.  Wait until the status reads “Installed into driver share”.

Driver Feed

Once the driver is available then you go to a Windows File Explorer and browse to the driver.  It will be in the \\K2000\drivers_postinstall\dell\windows_7_x64\t3600\sas raid\ folder.  Copy it to the \\k2000\drivers\kbe_windows_x64\feed\dell\winpe\winpe\x64\sas raid\ folder.

Create a custom WinPE Boot Environment

You need to install WAIK which I talked about in Creating a Syspreped Windows 7 Image for KACE.  You also need to install the K2000 Media Manager which you will find right on the home tab of the K2000 Deployment Center.  Start the media manager.

Create K2000 Boot Environment with the K2000 Media Manager

  • Click the Create K2000 Boot Environment tab.
  • Give your WinPE a name.  This name will display on the PXE network boot menu.
  • Select the 64-bit Architecture,
  • Select the path to your WAIK installation.
  • Click the Start Upload button.

Once the upload is complete you can test the WinPE boot Environment.  It will display under the “Other K2000 Client Environments”.

WinPE Boot Menu with custom WinPE Boot Environment

Every time you add drivers to the boot environment you get to create a new boot environment.

Set the Default Boot Environment

In the K2000 Deployment Center Settings tab. Click into the General Settings.  At the bottom you can select the Default Boot Environment.

Default Boot Environment

You have to do this in order to deploy an image to the Precision T3600 using the Boot Actions.  You can PXE boot by hand to the new custom WinPE boot environment but automating the task requires the boot environment to be set.

Boot Actions

When you set the Boot Actions on a machine to deploy an image using the KBE x64, it is using the “Default x64” environment and if you have the wrong one selected then you will not get your image.

Viewing the Boot Environment

In the K2000 Deployment Center under Deployments you will find the Boot Environments.  I removed the default as its drivers are now included in my custom WinPE Boot Environment.

Boot Environments

In my Symantec Ghost environment I have multiple WinPE boot menus to support the Intel NIC that comes in the Optiplex 780 and Lattitude laptops.  They use the same driver name, but different versions of the drivers.  I suspect I will be adding multiple boot environments to the KACE also.  Then when I image these machine I suspect that I will get to switch the default boot environment.