Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

After SC13 I got really sick.  I think I picked up a bug from the Germans I was talking with at the conference.  Here it is, January and I am just starting to recover.  Whew…

I will post a couple more things about SC13 just to wrap that up.

Happy New Year – Party!

Brian and Terri in hand made masks

Terri and I got to get dressed up and go to an Opera Mask Theme Party.  I had fun making the masks.Maker's Table with mask



The Finished Masks:

Brian's Finished MaskTerri's Finished Mask

The party was fun.  I was hoping to win a prize with the hard work on the masks, but the competition was really good and there were a large number of amazing masks.



Happy New Year – Creative Gingerbread House Winners!

The office holds a competition every year for gingerbread houses.  The lower lever which includes the IT and Accounting departments, affectionately called the “Dungeon”, created a winning masterpiece.

St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Happy New Year Davis Partnership!

The New Year also brings exciting change for Davis Partnership Architects.  A new public web site.  Here is my page: http://davispartnership.com/people/brian-whitley/ – and I must say, I didn’t have anything to do with the site.   I wrote my bio and then the copy writers altered it.  I set up DNS and Google WebMaster Tools.  The site is done in WordPress by the fine folks at Fireant Studios.  The big thing here is that the site works on mobile platforms!  No more Adobe Flash!

Happy New Year to You!

New Years Resolution

I finish with the word collage made from my facebook posts.  It was a cool little app that reads your posts and ranks the words.  The larger the word the more you used it.  Funny that Year was at the top.  Happy New Year to you.  I hope it is as fantastic as mine is going to be.